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I began my Tour Itinerary series on Lost Live Dead in order to analyze segments of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia's performance history. I focused on periods where I had new information, or where there was something to be learned from considering the concerts for the time period collectively. These have been very popular posts and generated many interesting Comments. Ironically, it has become more and more difficult to find the appropriate posts to link to, even for me, so I have created this Tour Itinerary Navigation post. I will link it on the side of both this blog and Lost Live Dead. This is mostly for me, to be honest, but everyone else may as well have access.

To repeat my traditional introduction, I have been constructing tour itineraries for the Grateful Dead for brief periods of their history. There is so much information circulating on websites and blogs (including my own) that go beyond published lists on Deadlists and that these posts make useful forums for discussing what is known and missing during each period.

Rather than go in strictly chronological order, I am focusing on periods where recent research has been done by myself or others. Over time I hope to have the entire 1965-70 period, as well as interesting months from other periods. My principal focus has been  on identifying which dates have Grateful Dead shows, which dates might have Grateful Dead shows, and which dates are in dispute or may be of interest. Where relevant, I am focusing on live appearances by other members--mostly Jerry Garcia, as a practical matter--in order to get an accurate timeline.

I am focused on which performances occurred when, rather than the performances themselves. For known performances, I have assumed that they are easy to assess on Deadlists, The Archive and elsewhere, and have made little comment. As a point of comparison, I am comparing my list to Deadlists, but I realize that different databases may include or exclude different dates (I am not considering recording dates, interviews or Television and radio broadcast dates in this context).

My working assumption is that the Grateful Dead, while already a legendary rock band by 1966, were living hand to mouth and scrambling to find paying gigs until 1971. Most paying performances were on Friday and Saturday nights, so I am particularly interested  in Friday and Saturday nights where no Grateful Dead or Jerry Garcia performances were scheduled or known.

Tour Itinerary Links List
I am listing all my current Tour Itinerary posts here. In general, I have done a good job of updating them with new dates when I learn something new, but I can't guarantee that in all cases. Any readers who have updates to any specific post are better advised to put them on the Comment threads of the appropriate posts, rather than here. I am listing the various posts without any meaningful comments from me, unless of course I feel like it. In general I will try and keep this list current.

The Warlocks, May-December 1965

Grateful Dead, December 1966

Grateful Dead, January-April 1967

Grateful Dead, May-June 1967

Grateful Dead, December 1967 [Atwood Hall, Clark U, Worcester, MA]

Grateful Dead, January 1968

Grateful Dead, March-April 1968

Grateful Dead European Tour, October 1968 (canceled)

Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia, February 1969

Grateful Dead, March-April 1969

Grateful Dead, March 1969
I had learned a lot more about March, 1969, so I did another post updating the previous one for March and April of that year.

Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia, May 1969

Grateful Dead, July-August 1969

Grateful Dead/New Riders, September 1969

Grateful Dead/New Riders, October 1969

Grateful Dead/New Riders, November 1969

Grateful Dead, December 1969

New Riders, June 69-March '70 [New Riders Bassist]

Grateful Dead, January 1970

Grateful Dead, February 1970

Grateful Dead Equipment Truck, January-February 1970
This itinerary attempted to analyze how much the Grateful Dead equipment truck had to drive during this period. I don't think it was that accurate, but it was still an intriguing exercise.

Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia, March 1970
For a fuller picture of the initial meetings of Garcia and John Kahn at The Matrix this month, see the John Kahn Performance History 1970 post.

Grateful Dead, November 1970

Grateful Dead/Old And In The Way/Garcia-Saunders, September 1973 [The Horn Tour]

Grateful Dead, January 1978 [Selland Arena, Fresno, January 15, 1978]

Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia Band/Bob Weir Band/Comfort, February 1978

Performance Histories
I have made efforts to create complete Performance Histories for certain bands who were connected to the Grateful Dead, and also for John Kahn.

The Good News Performance History, 1966
The Good News, from Redwood City, featured Dave Torbert and Chris Herold, both future members of The New Delhi River Band and Kingfish.

New Delhi River Band Performance History, Summer 1966
David Nelson and Dave Torbert were in the New Delhi River Band, a Palo Alto-based psychedelic blues band.

New Delhi River Band Performance History, Fall 1966

New Delhi River Band Performance History, January-June 1967

New Delhi River Band Performance History, July 1967-February 1968

David Nelson Musical Activities February 1968-May 1969
After the demise of the New Delhi River Band, Nelson lays fairly low.

The Smokey Grass Boys, 1966-67
Even by the standards of this blog, the Smokey Grass Boys were obscure. David Grisman, Rick Shubb and Herb Pedersen had a bluegrass band after Jerry Garcia and almost every other young bluegrass musician had "gone electric."

John Kahn Performance History, 1967-68

John Kahn Performance History 1967-68 II

John Kahn Performance History 1969

John Kahn Performance History 1970
This post includes a detailed analysis of the Monday night jams at the Matrix, with Howard Wales, Bill Vitt, Jerry Garcia and John Kahn, which ultimately led to Garcia/Saunders and then the Jerry Garcia Band.

John Kahn Performance History 1971

John Kahn Performance History 1972

Kingfish Performance History, Fall 1974

Kingfish Performance History, January-June 1975

Kingfish Performance History, July-December 1975

Keith And Donna Performance History, April-December 1975

Robert Hunter and Roadhog Performance History, May-October 1976

Robert Hunter and Comfort Performance History, May 1977-May '78

High Noon Performance History, May-December 1981

Bob Weir Band and Bobby And The Midnites, 1977-84
This isn't really a performance history, but rather an overview of the personnel of the various configurations of Weir's bands. However, for my research it is part of the same project, so I am including it here.

Bill Kreutzmann's All-Stars 1984
I am nothing if not thorough.This obscure group played 4 shows in 1984. David Nelson played guitar for the band.

Kingfish with Bob Weir, 1984-87
This post lists every performance of Kingfish that featured Grateful Dead members during this period, though it is not an attempt to make a complete list for either Kingfish or Bob Weir.

Kokomo Performance History, 1985
Kokomo featured Bill Kreutzmann and Brent Mydland.

Go Ahead Performance History 1986
Go Ahead featured Brent Mydland, Bill Kreutzmann and others.


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