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60s Rock History and GD Spinoff Bands (non-JG) Overview and Navigation

Kingfish rocking it at Alpine Meadows, near Lake Tahoe, CA August 31 1975 (l-r Hoddinott, Weir, Torbert, Chris Herold hidden)

Over time, I have made an effort to document many of the bands related to the Grateful Dead. In particular, I have tried to document the personnel and recording history of many such bands that did not feature Jerry Garcia. Garcia himself, and his numerous musical ventures, are well-covered over at Jerrybase. Ensembles that didn't feature Jerry Garcia, however, are rather harder to find out about. 

I have assembled all my posts about such groups here. In some cases, I have included posts that are not complete, so readers can see what is planned. Here and there, I have included some groups with Garcia, just because they are needed to clarify the arc of the different musicians. All of these posts are accessible on my main Navigation post, but this post is easier to navigate when trying to answer specific questions. Since I needed to build this for myself, I decided to share it.

David Nelson>Dave Torbert>Matt Kelly>Bob Weir Performance History Posts
I have an ongoing project to sort out the histories of the various Grateful Dead spin-off bands that played multiple shows but did not include Garcia. Some of these posts have complete lists of shows, and others just emphasize the personnel changes and time frames. In this list, I have not included posts about individual shows or events that feature some of these bands.

60s Rock History Lists
I have a variety of Navigation posts, for Palo Alto, Berkeley and Rock Nightclubs. Some posts don't fit in any of them, however, so I have included any posts who don't fit into those trackers below.

Dave Torbert at Alpine Meadows Aug 31 1975

The Good News Performance History 1966

The Good News were from Redwood City, CA, and featured Dave Torbert and Chris Herold.

The New Delhi River Band opened for Them in August 1966, at Losers South in San Jose. Their name was often spelled differently on different posters (here it is New Dalie River Band)

New Delhi River Band Performane History Summer 1966 (David Nelson I)

Palo Alto's second psychedelic blues band, The New Delhi River Band, featured David Nelson, Dave Torbert and Chris Herold

New Delhi River Band Performance History Fall 1966 (David Nelson II)  

New Delhi River Band Performance History January-June 1967 (David Nelson III) 

New Delhi River Band Performance History July 1967-February 1968 (David Nelson IV)

David Nelson Musical Activities February 1969-May 1969 (David Nelson V)
After the demise of The New Delhi River Band, David Nelson lays fairly low
I have written numerous posts about the New Riders of The Purple Sage, and they are outside the scope of this Navigation post. In order to keep the Nelson/Torbert straight, some NRPS chronology is required, so I have included these posts (other NRPS posts can be found on the main Navigation post).

New Riders Of The Purple Sage Personnel 1969-81
This post has a complete list of their personnel changes from 1969-1981. Jerry Garcia's last performance as a member of the New Riders was on October 31, 1971.

Riders Of The Purple Sage: Old, New and Resurrected (Who Was Bobby Ace?)
2019 archival releases for the New Riders tell us not only about the genesis and evolution of the band, but give us a glimpse of some other plans that may have been afoot.
New Riders Of The Purple Sage Tour History May 1969-April 1970 (NRPS Itinerary I)
Includes existing setlists from the Owsley Stanley Foundation, plus other supporting information.

Matthew Kelly and Bob Weir with Kingfish, August 31 '75 at Alpine Meadows

Shango, Horses and Matt Kelly 1968 (Matt Kelly I)

The backstory to Matt Kelly's links to the Grateful Dead start with his band Shango, with Torbert and Herold, back in 1968.

Gospel Oak/Mountain Current/33 1969-73 (Matt Kelly II)
The Matt Kelly story goes to England, the Santa Cruz Mountains and throughout the United States.
James And The Good Brothers: Overview and Performance Listings, 1970-71 (Next Riders I)
The Canadian trio of James Ackroyd and Bruce and Brian Good met the Grateful Dead on the Festival Express, and Jerry Garcia invited them to San Francisco. For about a year, the band was part of the extended Grateful Dead family. 
Bob Weir produced an album for guitarist David Rea, and it featured numerous members of the Grateful Dead family. This album triggered the reunion of childhood pals Matt Kelly and Bob Weir. Rea formed the band Slewfoot afterwards.

Lonesome Janet: The Kingfish Origin Story--1974 (Kingfish Part Zero)
Kingfish was formed by Matthew Kelly from a band called Lonesome Janet, and Bob Weir joined in late 1974.

Bob Weir and Kingfish Tour History Fall 1974 (Kingfish I, Matt Kelly IV)-Bob Weir joins Kingfish, as the Dead have stopped performing
Kingfish Performance History 1977-82 (Kingfish V, Matt Kelly VIII)  [in development]
--after Weir's departure, and until his return, Kingfish had a strange, complicated history

Heaven Help The Fool, Bob Weir's second solo album, released on Arista Records Jan '78

Formation of The Bob Weir Band Fall 1977 (Enter Brent)

Brent Mydland joined the Bob Weir Band, and then the Grateful Dead. But how did he even get there? No one has looked into it, so I did
An overview of the connections between the Bob Weir Band and Bobby And The Midnites
Kingfish with Bob Weir 1984-87 (Kingfish VI, Matt Kelly IX)
Weir began to re-appear regularly, though not permanently, with Kingfish in late 1984

In the interests of completeness, here are the other spinoff group posts:

Rock Band Performance Histories
Just because there isn't anywhere else to put them, here are some old Performance Histories for a few Grateful Dead contemporaries. I have linked to the last post in each series. In turn they will lead you to the full set.

Jefferson Airplane Performance List 1965-69 (9 Parts)

Moby Grape Performance List 1966-69 (6 Parts)

Steve Miller Band Performance List 1966-68 (4 Parts)

Sons Of Champlin Performance List 1966-70 (5 Parts)

Ace Of Cups Performance History 1967-72 (3 parts)

Sanpaku Performance List 1968-69

Initial Shock Performance List 1967-69

Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen Performance List 1969: Berkeley Beginnings

Big Brother and The Holding Company 

Country Joe and The Fish 

Blue House Basement/Mt. Rushmore/Phoenix 

The Emerald Tablet, Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco June 25-July 16, 1967 

Eric Burdon 1969 

Eric Burdon and The Animals 1966-68

The Animals Summer US Tour 1966

Dantalian's Chariot 1967-68

Second Coming/Sky Blue/Eggs Over Easy/Grootna  

Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady Performance History, January-February 1969 (early Hot Tuna)

Formerly Fat Harry 

English Rock Bands at The Fillmore 1966-67

European Tours by West Coast Rock Bands, 1967-68 

Some Notes About Whitey Davis 

City And Venue Performance Lists
Here are posts on lists of performances for miscellaneous cities and venues in the 60s and 70s.

Fillmore West Lost Concerts: Tuesday Night Auditions 1968-69 (FW Auditions I)  

 Fillmore West Lost Concerts: Tuesday Night Auditions 1970-71 (FW Auditions II) 

1859 Geary Blvd, San Francisco: The Geary Temple 1966-68 

Boston Psychedelic Rock Concert Chronology, January-June 1967 (Boston I)

Boston Psychedelic Rock Concert Chronology, July-December 1967 (Boston II)

The Ark, 15 Landsdowne St, Boston, MA January-June 1969 (Boston V)

Donovan's Reef, 2200 Great Highway, San Francisco February-March 1967

San Jose, CA: Outdoor Rock Festivals 1967-69 (An Overview)  

895 O'Farrell Street (at Polk), San Francisco, CA The Western Front  

The Barn and Santa Cruz Rock Concerts, 1965-66 (Santa Cruz and Monterey I)
The history of psychedelic rock concerts in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. Part I focuses on The Barn in Scotts Valley 

Lake Tahoe Rock Concerts Summer 1967-Winter 1968 (Lake Tahoe I)

Lake Tahoe Rock Concerts 1968-69 (Lake Tahoe II) 

Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA: Major Rock Shows 1967-69 

The Bank, 19840 South Hamilton Avenue, Torrance, CA: 1968 Performance List (Updated)

The Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W. Burnside, Portland, OR Performance List January-June 1968 (Oregon III)  

Caffe Espresso, Portland, OR Rock Performance List 1966-1967 (Oregon IV) 

Oregon Rock Concerts 1967 (Oregon V) 

Oregon Rock Concerts 1968 (Oregon VI) 

6230 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA The Kaleidoscope 1968 Performance List 

2201 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA The Electric Factory: Concert List February-June 1968 (Electric Factory I)

2201 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA The Electric Factory: Concert List July-December 1968 (Philadelphia II)  

2201 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA The Electric Factory: Concert List January-June 1969 (Philadelphia III) 

2201 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA The Electric Factory: Concert List July-December 1969 (Philadelphia IV) 

Thee Image and The Miami Rock Scene, March 1968-April 1969 

Kinetic Playground: 4812 N. Clark St, Chicago, IL Performance List 1968 (New! Improved!)

Late 60s Rock Concerts in Utah-- A Work In Progress 

1825 Salvio Street, Concord Coliseum, Concord, CA: Performance History 1967-68

2925 Willow Pass Road, Concord, CA: Concord Armory and Eastern Contra Costa Performances 1967-69 (Concord II)

The Dream Bowl, Vallejo, CA February-April 1969 (Solano & Napa County Rock History)

316 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX: Vulcan Gas Company Performance List 1969 (Austin III) 

4742 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA: The Rock Garden (1967)>The Ghetto Club (1967>1971) 

Mammoth Gardens, Denver, CO Performance List April-October 1970 

Pacific Northwest Poster Art

"Where Its At" TV show, Vancouver, BC late 1960s 

Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ: Concert History 1972-74 (Stadium Rock I)
A look at the complete concert history of Roosevelt Stadium, the first stadium to have regular rock shows all summer.  

746 US-20, West Lebanon, NY, Lebanon Valley Speedway Concert History (1973, 1977, 1980)
As rock concerts grew larger, the search for new rock venues in the 1970s meant trying out some different places. Lebanon Valley Raceway, in the tiny hamlet of West Lebanon, NY, held a few rock concerts. Things went OK--until they didn't.

60s and 70s Rock Events
Posts on individual 60s and 70s rock events

Hwy 14, Middleton, WI The Bunny Hop April 25, 1966: The Sir Douglas Quintette  

1545 Market Street, San Francisco, CA: The Bachelors Live at The Carousel Ballroom, May 21, 1966

307 Church Street, Santa Cruz, CA Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, May 28, 1966: Jefferson Airplane/Mystery Trend/Flowers Of Evil 

August 17, 1966 Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA: Jefferson Airplane (and a new PA)  

2850 19th Avenue, San Francisco, CA September 10, 1966 The Mothers/Oxford Circle

The Aliens, Whisky A Go Go, San Francisco October 14-27, 1966  

The Matrix, San Francisco October 29, 1966 Jefferson Airplane 

November 12, 1966 Campus Hall, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA: Oxford Circle/Magnificent VII
Chet Helms and the Family Dog produce their only Southern California event.

January 14, 1967 Campus Hall, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA: Big Brother and The Holding Company/Magnificent VII

January 13-14-15, 1967 San Francisco--Rock Weekend  

1 Casino Terrace, Newport, RI: Bambi's, January-February 1967  

505 Parnassus Avenue, Steiniger Auditorium, UC Medical Center Auditorium, San Francisco, CA March 4, 1967: Big Brother and The Holding Company/Steve Miller Blues Band/Robert Baker

Orpheum Theater, Madison, WI: Eric Burdon and The Animals, March 8, 1967   

Reedy Creek Park, Raleigh, NC-Raleigh Be-In, May 7, 1967

November 18-19, 1967, Cow Palace-Hollywood Bowl: Free Concerts 

700 M Street, Fresno, CA: Selland Arena, Big Brother And The Holding Company/Mint Tattoo April 19, 1968 

May 25, 1968 Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, CA: McCarthy is Happening 

June 5, 1968 Fillmore East WBAI-fm Benefit with The Incredible String Band

July 20, 1968, Lagoon Patio Gardens, Farmington UT: Big Brother and The Holding Company/Blue Cheer  

November 21, 1968: Santana, Quicksilver Messenger Service – Los Altos High School Gym, Los Altos, CA 

January 10-11, 1969 TNT-Alpine Meadows: Santana Blues Band  

The Matrix, San Francisco, CA February 19, 1969 Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady/Weird Herald

Convocation Center, Ohio University, Athens, OH May 19, 1969 Junior Prom Jose Feliciano/Led Zeppelin  

Frost Amphitheater, Stanford University, October 5, 1969 Sanpaku 

415 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA December 29, 1969: Big Brother and The Holding Company/Youngbloods/Ramblin Jack Elliott/Penny Nichols 

York Farm, Poynette, WI April 24-26, 1970 Sound Storm: Grateful Dead/Illinois Speed Press/Mason Profitt/others 

November 2, 1972 Hofstra Playhouse, Hempstead, NY: ABC In Concert with Allman Brothers/Alice Cooper/others
ABC brings rock to the suburbs, and changes late night TV in the process. 8 bands are filmed at Hofstra U, broadcast over two 90-minute Friday nights.

Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA: April 6, 1974: Emerson Lake & Palmer/Deep Purple/The Eagles/Black Sabbath/others "California Jam"

November 24, 1973 Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA: Guess Who/Three Dog Night/others "November Jam"
March 18, 1978 Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA: Aerosmith/Foreigner/Heart/others "Cal Jam II"



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